Our services

Fave assists organizations to build trust and to add value to brands and businesses. To this end it develops and implements communication and relationship policies, programs and actions both on an online and offline basis. The work is aligned to the organization´s strategic planning and objectives.

Our flexibility allows us to develop services and products strictly according to the need, the profile and the size of our clients.

Our Products

Strategic Consulting

  • Communication Diagnosis – Through gathering information and conducting surveys and interviews with partners, employees and associates, the flow of communication is mapped, the perception that individuals have of the organization is evaluated and communication actions to achieve its objectives are proposed.
  • Communication Planning – Identifies and develops the set of actions required to help organizations align their audience with their strategic objectives.
  • Team Training – Development of training programs designed to engage leaders and other employees in the communication strategy of the organization, thereby assuring its effectiveness.

Media Relations

  • Building and consolidation of relationships with key opinion leaders
  • Crisis Management
  • Launching of products
  • Brand repositioning
  • Image monitoring
  • Spokespeople training

Sponsorship Policies 

  • Consulting for planning and developing policies for sponsoring cultural, educational and sports events and activities.
  • Identification of projects which could benefit from tax incentive programs and policies (Rouanet Law and Municipal Fund for Children and Adolescents – Fumcad).


  • Planning, organization and execution of training, marketing and institutional events.


  • Institutional books
  • Business profiles
  • Reports
  • Manuals